Who is Sam of Sam’s Travelling Shorts?


For those who have stumbled across my blog ‘Sam’s Travelling Shorts’ and are thinking ‘Who is she? Where did they find her?’

I can answer that for you.

I’m a Scottish born, London grown traveller who’s been trotting around Australia and New Zealand for the last year and a bit.   Recently I started writing all about my Oceanic adventures and decided to start sharing stories from other places too.

I enjoy writing, travelling, taking photographs and maging people laugh.  Sometimes I get myself into less than flattering situations.  

The above picture was taken by my extremely patient mother while we were by Lake Hāwea in the South Island of New Zealand.

Mum took many photos of me at this stop so I could obtain the ‘right’ one for my instagram.  As you can imagine – this one (which I call ‘attacked by wind’)  did not make the cut.


Well first off I should inform you that I don’t always travel with my mum.  For the most part I fall into the female solo traveller category and I have been away from the UK for over a year.  This prompts my adventurous 60-odd parents to hop on a plane and visit me when they can. For clarity, my parents are both in their 60s. I do not have over 60 individual parents.

Although physically I’ve never been further away from them, the reason why I left the UK has brought me and my parents closer together than ever.  Losing my big brother David in 2015 was the catalyst that prompted me to quit my career in London.  It was the loss and grief that led me to book that one way ticket in the first place.  I’m extremely fortunate that my parents backed my decision to travel.  It can’t be easy to lose one child and then have the other move to the other side of the earth.  However they love hearing my stories and seeing me live my life to the maximum.  I love that they back me in everything I decide to do.


Nope! (Well yes, but not ‘The One’)

The downside to my newly found life is that at 31 people constantly ask me when I’m going to settle down with that all important someone.  In truth this is something I’d always envisioned myself having by age 30 but right now I’m so happy exploring the world that I’m not worried about ensuring I take on that more traditional lifestyle by a certain age.  Perhaps if I met an awesome guy that would change (note: he would have to be ridiculously awesome, I’m not a settler in any sense of the word), but hopefully he and any potential kidlets could come with me on this nomadic journey too.

I’ve never been one to do things the “normal” way, so I don’t expect to start now.  In this life there’s no point marching to anyone’s drum other than your own.  Or even marching to a drum at all, for that matter.

Besides, I watched Bridget Jones Baby on a recent flight and she doesn’t end up with the man of her dreams and a baby until the age of 43, so I’m going to base my future life on that film entirely, thanks very much!


I’m so glad you asked!

Now you know a little about who I am and why I am travelling, I should probably explain those rather colourful shorts that you may have seen at the top of the blog? Well there’s a bit of a backstory to those.  It all starts with the fact that before I started my journey I was a bit, well, fat.

Overweight and unfit; I drank too much, ate too much and didn’t do nearly enough exercise.  This continued into the first 6 months of travelling until one day I decided enough was enough.

I became determined to become a healthy weight for my height.


Around the same time as my epiphany I started my 3 month rural work in Queensland.  As you may be aware; to qualify for a second year working holiday in Australia you must complete 3 months or 88 days doing farm work or fruit picking.  As a result I ended up at a lovely family owned cattle farm about an hour from Mundubbera.  If you’ve never heard of Munduberra, then exactly. It was super remote.

I realised that this was too good an opportunity not to utilise to my advantage and decided to treat it like my own personal fat camp.  Being so isolated, there was no way I could nip to the shop to pick up a snack. Plus all of the food on the farm was home cooked (by me as part of the role) and healthy. Not only this but there was no access to bars, takeaways or restaurants and with little to do, I spent most of my time free time exercising. I soon lost two stone and have managed to keep it off ever since due to my eating habits and outlook changing dramatically over the course of three months.


So that doesn’t exactly explain the shorts right? Well, before I came to the farm I was staying with my friend Maddie in Brisbane when we decided we should pop into an Op Shop (charity shop for you Brits) so I could pick up cheap clothes that would inevitably get ruined on the farm.  We had barely stepped one foot into the shop when there was an announcement that the store would be closing.  In a panic I grabbed the nearest thing to me which was these absolutely spectacular tie-die, muilti coloured short shorts and quickly took them to the counter.

It wasnt until I got to the farm and tried them on that I realised that I could barely get them over one leg.  I quickly realised I’d bought shorts that were about 2-4 sizes too small.


I decided to place the shorts on a chair next to my front door in the little cottage I resided in while at the farm.  They would serve as a constant reminder of the fact I needed to lose weight and every now and again I’d try them on to see if they would fit me.  For a very long time, they didn’t.

Then in my last month at the farm I decided to give them another try.  I couldn’t believe it but they actually fitted me. They were tight, but they fitted. I was so happy I almost cried. To this day not only do they still fit me but there’s actually room to spare.


So naturally those shorts come everywhere with me now.  I’ve not worn them in public (yet) but they serve as a constant reminder of just how far I’ve come. A colourful symbol of my travelling journey and my weight loss journey too.

Not to be confused with ‘lucky’ shorts, these shorts are a pair of ‘what happens when you work really hard’ shorts.  They are also the perfect emblem for this blog.  What was a disastrous choice in the shop, turned into a positive motivator. That is absolutely what I am about, taking the negative things in life and seeing how I can turn them into positives.

When I decided I was going to start writing short stories about my travels or ‘travelling shorts’ if you will, I instantly knew that those multi coloured hot pants would need a starring role.


There we have it. Who I am, why I’m travelling and the deal with those shorts!

Do stay tuned for more truths behind the photographs and how, in the face of it all, you can still learn to take positives from the negatives.


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